Sunday, November 20, 2011

Individual Louisiana Blue Cross Members to Get One-Time Credit

Individual Blue Cross Members to Get One-time Credit

Our efforts to affect healthcare costs, as well as those of
our members in this block of business, have paid off. As a result, we are giving
a one-time premium credit for each individual Blue Max, BlueSaver, Blue Value, Blue
Select and conversion policy contract.

HMO Louisiana, VIP and CSD policies will not receive this credit. The credit amount is $100 on each single contract and $145 on each multi-person or family contract. It will be reflected on the member’s next bill, unless the monthly premium is less than the credit amount. In that case, the member will not receive another bill until an amount is due.

Those who pay by bank draft will simply see a reduced amount drafted from their accounts. Some members are already seeing this reduced bank draft amount today. Those who pay quarterly or further in advance will see the credit on their next invoice.

This particular block of business is performing better than expected thanks to our members’ efforts to take charge of their healthcare and improve their health. They are buying generic drugs, getting flu shots and other preventive screenings and making sure they go to network doctors. These steps toward health and wellness have helped to stretch our members’ premium dollars even farther.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana did our part by streamlining administrative costs, negotiating the best possible contracts with doctors, hospitals and other healthcare providers, and fighting fraud and abuse.

As a private, mutually held company, Blue Cross has always made decisions based on the best interests of our customers. We know the money we manage is theirs, and we take that responsibility very seriously.

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